There are several people in the nation who consider substance abuse as a choice in spite of all the researches and evidences which support the idea that addiction is nothing but a medical disease. It has always remained a choice for the addicts to take a drink or try an addictive substance. In case they steered clear from making this choice, they wouldn’t have ever developed this addiction. At its core, addiction is nothing but a choice and people don’t think about the long term. However, there are few addicts for whom their use of addictive substance wasn’t a choice to feel high or developing an addiction.

An increasingly large number of people are gradually becoming accidental addicts as they’ve started developing addictions after they started taking their prescription drugs that were given to them by the doctor. Such people are usually either active parents or pretty well educated or even suburban dwellers. It wasn’t a choice for them to feel dependent on drugs but due to the stigma that is associated with seeking help has kept them from getting treated.

Dealing with acute pain and anxiety

There are 2 main problems which trigger the unpredicted dependence on drugs. Sedatives which are prescribed for killing pain and for treating anxiety are extremely addictive medicines and when patients start having these, they become dependent on these drugs after a short time period. Recent research reveals that there are 210 million prescriptions which have been prescribed with those medicines which are extremely addictive. Then why are there so many prescriptions with such medicines?

Doctors these days are readily handing over these medicines, thereby boosting the exposure to addictive medicines and other drugs which gradually become addictive. The drugs for the patients who are unsuspecting due to no fault of their own can become deadly if not taken care of. In fact, according to, people oftentimes indulged in drugs or other addictive substances instead, failing to behave as responsible, goal-oriented adults.

So, if you’re someone who seems to be pretty dependant on a specific drug or medicine, the choice is entirely yours. You should work towards taking back the power that you give to the medicines to dictate your life and exercise it on your own. Don’t let medicines dictate your life as this will become a poor habit that you won’t be able to ditch later on. Taking too many medicines is also not good for your health. Hence get in touch with a counselor if you think you suffer from accidental addiction.

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