Getting any plastic surgery done is something that needs serious consideration.  One of the most daunting things can be, not only making the decision to make the change – but to choose the cosmetic surgeon for you.  There are lots of different options, and there are some things that you will want to make sure you do before selecting your cosmetic surgeon.

Check their Credentials

Qualifications are of course very important when choosing a cosmetic surgeon, but so is their level of experience.  You should be able to see that clearly on their website and any other online channel.  You can also ask them the level of experience that they have on your consultation, and how many surgeries they have completed.   They should be more than happy to divulge that information.

Do they have Happy Customers?

Either on their website or on 3rd party review sites, you should be able to see testimonials and reviews left by their clients.  This should leave you with some comfort in how they will treat you as a patient.  If there is any negative feedback on 3rd party review sites, be wary – and also pay close attention as to what their responses are.  If you don’t see any – feel free to ask them for some references.

Look at Before and After Pictures

This is incredibly important when going for cosmetic surgery London based.  You should have a look at those photos and see if it fits in with what you are looking for.  You aren’t only looking to find out whether it looks good or not, but whether it looks to obvious, or alternatively if there doesn’t look to be too much of a difference.  Again, if this isn’t showcased anywhere, feel free to ask them at the consultation whether they have any pictures they could show you.

Trust your Gut Instinct

You will get a gut feeling upon meeting the surgeon upon consultation whether they are a good fit for you.  Trust is important, and you need to see if they make you feel comfortable – and if you think that they have the level of experience needed to make you feel secure enough in their capabilities.  They should make you feel at ease the whole time you are there.

Go with your Own Research

If you know the kind of cosmetic surgery that you are planning on getting, make sure you do your own research.  That way you can go to your consultation armed with questions, to make sure you get the answers that you need.   If it helps, you can even create a checklist of things that you want to ask to make sure you don’t forget anything.

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, make sure you do your research well – and take the above into account.  It’s an important decision in terms of your health, and it is of course costly too.  Don’t rush in to it.

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