Many people have one or more missing teeth and this can cause them plenty of psychological pain. Indeed, many people in this situation may avoid social situations altogether because they are worried about what people will think. If you’re not happy with your smile because you have missing teeth, it might be time to seriously consider dental implants.

Why Do People Lose Their Teeth?

Losing teeth is not always about having poor oral hygiene. In fact, people can lose one or more of their teeth for the following reasons:

  • Sporting injuries that knock teeth out or damage them
  • Accidents that damage teeth or knock them out
  • Hereditary factors
  • Periodontal diseases that result in bone loss and the loss of teeth
  • Loss of teeth caused by pregnancy
  • Loss of teeth caused by some medications and medical treatments

What About Dental Implants?

If you’re in this situation and you’re sick and tired of not having a smile to be proud of, the good news is that a company, such as Central Periodontics, can help. Dental implants are one treatment, that also includes dentures, but they present some very specific benefits that many people find attractive, including:

  • Strength and durability: While other solutions, such as dentures, may be less expensive, dental implants represent a stronger and more durable treatment. Because the implants themselves sit in the jawbone, they offer a level of permanence and strength that other options don’t. Indeed, many people who have dentures will eventually save to have dental implants because of this benefit.
  • Natural looking teeth: One of the best things about modern implants is that they look just like natural teeth. They are colour matched to existing teeth so that no one will ever know that they are implants. This also provides maximum confidence to the person with dental implants.
  • Health benefits: Apart from the fact that dental implants look great and feel just like natural teeth, they can also prevent other oral health conditions. Bone loss often occurs when people have missing teeth. This means that other teeth in the jaw can move and cause an unappealing appearance. In other cases, the cheeks can become hollow and sunken in because of the lack of teeth. Dental implants can help to prevent this bone loss and improve appearance.

The Confidence That You Deserve

The fact is that people can be missing teeth for a wide variety of reasons. Given just how important our smiles are to us as social creatures, this can cause all sorts of issues, including embarrassment, shame, and a lack of confidence. People who have missing teeth will often feel anxious about their appearance and may even experience episodes of depression.

Dental implants offer a complete solution for people who have one or more missing teeth. They are strong and durable. They will last for a lifetime, if well maintained. They also help to prevent other dental health issues and no one will ever know because they look just like natural teeth.

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